11 - Rob Weber on his new VC firm, building founders from scratch, and what interesting MN startups to buy your holiday gifts from

November 27, 2017

GUEST: Rob Weber, Great North Labs Venture Fund + Startup School

Riffing points

1. Why Rob is starting a fund rather than doing another startup. For more details on Great North Labs, see: Great North Labs on MSPBJ

2. How Rob and his partner Ryan think about investing and what kind of startups the fund will invest in.

3. Rob's best angel investment ever and his biggest miss.

4. What the startup community needs more of and how Rob is trying to fix that.

5. MN tech startup products that you can buy as holiday presents for colleagues or family:

Casey's picks - CooperAndKid.com   Trevls.com/gift   RelateToday.com

Rob's picks - QFOLabs.com   Jamstik.com   LocalCrate.com

Paul's pick - Kidizen.com

Kathy's pick - YOXOtoys.com   PetChatz.com

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