MSP on Deck Podcast

17 - Bind hauls in a massive series A, Minnesota startup mafias, and why measuring recruiter hiring matters to everyone

March 5, 2018

Riffing points

  1. Bind Benefits lands $60m series A in funding.
  2. The Definity Health Mafia and the startups that its ex-employees have created.
  3. HelpSystems at $160m in rev is acquired by another private equity firm and valued over $1b.
  4. Casey displays a company-crush on Help Systems’ outlier Glassdoor rating.
  5. Paul shares the state of recruiting recruiting and most people will want to hear it.
  6. emerges to be a source for all things Minnesota tech and seeks contributors.
  7. Venture backed SaaS startup Icertis, HQed in Seattle, is opening an office in Minneapolis.