MSP on Deck Podcast

5 - Scott Burns on hiring and fundraising, rise of Osborn370, and how the St. Paul tech startup scene is rapidly shifting

September 19, 2017

**note there is a 20 sec gap of silence @ 5:04. Please skip or just keep listening.**

Riffing points
Podcast guest: Scott Burns

1. Scott’s new startup -- with Chip House, for more see: news on Structural
2. The origin story of Osborn370 -- for more see: news on Osborn370
3. Why the time is finally right for downtown St. Paul to be a startup neighborhood 
4. The surprising type of offices that many B2B tech startups crave
5. Scott Burns on recruiting and hiring
6. ArcServe moves HQ to Eden Prairie -- for more see: news on ArcServe
7. Scott Burns on fundraising and seed capital
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