15 - Loup Ventures is in the house, CoCo goes big, and what VCs outside MN invest here?

February 5, 2018


Riffing points

  1. Loup Ventures closes their first fund and proves researchers can be VCs
  2. CoCo Coworking launches a 2nd coworking space brand, goes big and goes national
  3. SportsDigita launches their first product, Digideck, + raises investor cash for it
  4. Why Minnesota’s Amazon bid didn’t make us any smarter
  5. A rundown of VC firms outside of Minnesota that have repeatedly invested in MN tech
  6. Kathy’s list of ‘non-VC’ investors that have invested in MN tech

14 - Another VC firm but this one will improve the world and a complete list of active MN VCs

January 15, 2018


Riffing points

  1. Andy Slavitt launching a VC fund to make the world a better place
  2. The best rundown of MN VC firms that are active
  3. What does a seed round actually get a startup?
  4. Paul explains why being a developer is the best job in the world
  5. SPS Commerce doubles down on Accenture Tower and why it won’t be anything like ADC
  6. Who the hell is ADC?

13 - Maria Ploessl on the road ahead for Minne*, Cargill and Ecolab’s Techstars marriage, and local tech hiring will be in 2018

December 27, 2017

Special Guest: Maria Ploessl, new Director of Minnestar
Riffing points

  1. The state of Minne*, present and future
  2. Tech ecosystem observations, good and bad, from Maria Ploessl
  3. Inclusion in the Minnesota technology community
  4. Cargill and Ecolab Techstars launching in Minneapolis in 2018
  5. Priorities, outlooks, and predictions of tech jobs and hiring in 2018

12 - The most popular tech news stories of 2017 + what big things are in the pipe for 2018?

December 11, 2017

Riffing points:

The top, most popular tech stories of 2017 get dissected in true geek fashion. We throw out detailed funding, IPO, and recruiting predictions for 2018.  Also new announcements for Optum Ventures who formally launched, Revel Health who raised a ton of cash, and WeWork which graced Minneapolis with location #2.


11 - Rob Weber on his new VC firm, building founders from scratch, and what interesting MN startups to buy your holiday gifts from

November 27, 2017

GUEST: Rob Weber, Great North Labs Venture Fund + Startup School

Riffing points

1. Why Rob is starting a fund rather than doing another startup. For more details on Great North Labs, see: Great North Labs on MSPBJ

2. How Rob and his partner Ryan think about investing and what kind of startups the fund will invest in.

3. Rob's best angel investment ever and his biggest miss.

4. What the startup community needs more of and how Rob is trying to fix that.

5. MN tech startup products that you can buy as holiday presents for colleagues or family:

Casey's picks - CooperAndKid.com   Trevls.com/gift   RelateToday.com

Rob's picks - QFOLabs.com   Jamstik.com   LocalCrate.com

Paul's pick - Kidizen.com

Kathy's pick - YOXOtoys.com   PetChatz.com

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10 - Telsa comes to MN, surprising tech companies you never knew about, the 3 hardest roles to hire for

November 14, 2017

Riffing points

  1. Is downtown HOT and the suburbs COLD as a place to grow a startup?
  2. Calabrio is blowing up their team in Minneapolis -- for more see story on MSPBJ
  3. The hardest and easiest roles to hire for in a startup right now
  4. A great blog post by Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures about recruiting an HR team for startups: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dont-forget-scale-hr-patrick-meenan
  5. Tesla acquires Perbix -- for more, see story on MSPBJ
  6. Casey’s list of crazy MN tech startups you’ve never heard of that do awesome stuff

9 - Techstars’ 2nd MN program, Amazon HQ2 substitutions, and why Google coming to town would be good for hiring

November 6, 2017

Riffing points

1. Techstars is launching a brand new program in Minneapolis in 2018. Find out which huge corporation they’re partnering with

2. If we won’t get Amazon, who would we want?

3. The reason why big tech companies opening offices in MN is actually good for tech companies already here

4. What you missed at TC Startup Week

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8 - Jamf Software’s monster exit, eBureau is acquired, and the real reason you don’t read about more startup news

October 16, 2017

Riffing points

  1. JAMF was just acquired by Vista Equity Partners -- for more see: news on JAMF’s acquisition

  2. eBureau was just acquired by TransUnion -- for more see: news on eBureau’s acquisition

  3. How to see more quality startup tech coverage in the media

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7 - MN tech unicorns in the making, Chicago tech in contrast, and are startup hubs important?

October 12, 2017

Riffing points

1. The upside of Bright Health -- for more see: Kathy’s tweet on Fortune’s article listing Bright Health

2. Our picks on Minnesota companies that could be unicorns

3. Mr. DeBettignies goes to Chicago to woo top talent

4. Developers in these U.S. cities are game to move to the Twin Cities 

5. Life in Chicago’s tech shadow

6. Startups hubs and the arguments for or against

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6 - Wooing Amazon HQ2, Twin Cities Startup Week 2017, and Code42’s destiny

September 30, 2017

Riffing points

  1. Should we pursue Amazon HQ2? -- for more see: MN news on Amazon HQ2
  2. Twin Cities Startup Week and what’s in store -- for more see: news on MSPBJ
  3. Code42 whacks CrashPlan -- for more see story on MSPBJ
  4. Can Code42 iPO? - for more see: news on Code42
  5. New startup Bind launched by serial founder Tony Miller -- for more, see: story on MSPBJ
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